Peveto Woods Sanctuary

Peveto Woods Sanctuary The Baton Rouge Audubon Society Peveto Woods Sanctuary currently encompasses approximately 40 acres and is located along the Louisiana coast in Cameron Parish. This site was the first chenier sanctuary for migratory birds established in Louisiana.

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Committee Chair

Dave Patton

The Sanctuary Committee primarily oversees management of the BRAS sanctuary, purchases additional lands, and explores opportunities for land acquisitions. Most of the funds raised by BRAS center around sanctuary activities. The purchase of our yearly bird patch allows individuals access to our sanctuary. Private donations are often acquired specifically for land management or purchase.

Patches - Admission to Sanctuaries
BRAS Patches are produced each year with a new featured bird. Each Peveto Woods Sanctuaries patch features a different bird and is available with your membership in BRAS. The patch serves as your annual admission ticket to our Sanctuary in Cameron Parish. Previous year patches are also available for $5 in the BRAS Shop.